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EXHIBITIONS: Onion Fragrance in the Air


imilar to the gardeners long term plan of sowing seeds in the winter to produce a lush summer harvest, painter Janet Howard-Fatta began her latest series, “Onion Fragrance in the Air” in February to depict the diverse seasonal growth the rich terrain provides. Howard-Fatta’s garden-centric series finds its roots on the walls of The Grange, where spring and summer’s most creative dishes realize their beginnings in the organic soil of The Kitchen Garden. This Pine Island, NY garden is owned and operated by Chef James Haurey’s partner, Dominique Herman. Howard-Fatta’s latest series will be on display at The Grange through November 27, 2017.

The most recent work of Howard-Fatta captures the driving forces of light, color and a love of nature where she gains her motivation. What she experiences through her senses finds its way onto canvas in oil depicting place, time and emotion. To develop and perpetuate the mood of a painting, Howard-Fatta often writes an account of the current moment’s lighting, air, temperature and scenery.

Onion Fragrance in the air

Rows of Black Gold

Morning Mist holds

End of summer wild flowers

Orange rays with August Greens

Staying close to my dreams

Written by author Janet Howard-Fatta early one morning alongside a Pine Island, NY onion field.

Howard-Fatta is a board member of the Orange County Arts Council and the Warwick Summer Arts Festival; facilitates the Warwick Life Drawing Group and is a Live Event painter. See additional work by Janet Howard-Fatta at jhowardstudios.com, your-event-artist.com Instagram/jhowardfatta; and Facebook/Janethowardfattastudios